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    Welcome on our donate page. Here you can support our project. As a little thanks you get the VIP rank with a few nice perks.

  • FAQ
    • How do I donate? Click on 'Contact Us', type in your data and a message with your account data of Discord or Minecraft (if you own one), your website username and one of the following payment methods:
      • PayPal: Send the donation to Click here and then send us your PayPal e-mail over the previous step
      • PaySafeCard: Send us the code with the desired amount of money over the previous step
    • Can I donate with other currencies? Yes you can, it will be converted.
    • With which payment method can I donate? You can donate with PayPal or PaySafeCard.
    • Is there a possibility to get your money back? Yes, if you have donated through PayPal and you send us an e-mail with a reason within an hour of activation.
    • When will the rank be activated? We unlock everything by hand, but within a maximum of 24 hours. (Usually within less than 1 hour, from 2-10 pm CET. May be delayed by abnormalities)
    • Can I donate to get unbanned on our servers? No, we are not venal.